Windows Phone 7.8 New Features

We may not see the Windows 8 release on the current Windows Phone, but don’t worry the current Windows Phone will get its updates on new features.

Called Windows Phone 7.8, the gadget installed with this new version will have its start up screen like on the Windows Phone 8, and users will be able to access many application from Live Tiles.

photo by engadget

This version will use the entire screen so you won’t find an arrow to open more applications. More rooms, where the users will have larger space to place their ’tiles’, which currently can be made in 3 different sizes. Moreover there are also small tiles to place various applications.

This smaller tiles are designed to place less important application. Just like on the bigger tiles (standard tiles), each application can have extra large tiles to load more details.

The unfortunate is, not sure when the WP 7.8 will be released.  But rumor says, Microsoft currently having discussion with the operators and smartphone vendors about the technology test.


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