Users Complaining About iPhone 4S Battery Life

Two weeks after selling the iPhone 4S, iPhone users began complaining about battery life. According to them iPhone 4S has shorter battery life than it should.
Apple seems to admit a mistake, after receiving several complaints. Personally contact the owner of the Apple iPhone 4S, to find out the cause. Similarly, as reported by Cnet.

An Apple engineer, contact one of the user to install a monitoring program to find out why the battery life becomes shorter. Until now, Apple has not found a solution on the reduction in battery life.

Apple claims the iPhone 4S standby time 200 hours, one of iPhone owners said they saw a decrease of 10 percent every hour.

Previously iLounge, conduct a review of the iPhone 4S battery. The results of that review, reveals iPhone 4 battery life is better than the iPhone 4s. These results were different from Apple’s claim that the iPhone battery 4S better than the previous generation of iPhone.

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