Tech Rumor: HTC Edge Launched In February 26th


These days smartphone is growing rapidly. Not only in terms of features and design but also of hardware technology hardware. In the early 2012 we have seen many smartphones with dual-core processors CPU and starting the first quarter of this year we may able to see quad core “cpu’ed” smartphones on the market.

One of them comes from HTC, which is rumored to held a launching ceremony on February 26. And, rumored to be on that date that the Taiwanese manufacturer will introduce its first mobile phone-based quad-core CPU. If it does will happen then the HTC took the unusual policy of considering its new product announcements started even before the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 event begins.

Earlier rumors mention of HTC Edge, this smartphone will have quad-core processors, with a 720p display. If this rumor is correct that HTC will held a separate ceremony before MWC, this proved that they already can’t wait to share the new Quad-core powered smartphone with the world.

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