Super Simple Emergency Phone Can Last For Years

You may have an iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry Or Nokia in your packet which all of them can play music, movies or updating your facebook status with no problem. But when we talk about a phone that can stand at least 15 years none of those smartphones come closer to this.


Some of us mostly have backup (secondary phone) which usually helpful when our main phone is in trouble or can’t be used for many reasons. But what if our backup phone saved in drawer but we forgot to charge it for years?

SpareOne is a phone that was created as a backup phone, or used in an emergency.

spare-one phone

SpareOne already provides an Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries that can last up to 15 years and when needed can be used for up to 10 hours talk time.

The key to resilience is, what the author calls a "smart Patented power engineering." The point is, this phone to take power only when switched to on, and as we can see from the picture above, this phone does not have a screen like a regular phone, it means also no significant spending power because the phone is generally used to spend much energy on the screen.

SpareOne is a GSM phone which means to be able to use it you have to insert the SIM card into it. This is kind of phone is for an emergency situation or made for people who really need very – super – simple phone, no screen is certainly not a problem because the important thing we can still call someone to ask for help (on emergency).

How much? This phone will be released in March and will cost only $50.

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