Sony Ericsson Focusing Entirely On Smartphone Market


Sony Ericsson mobile phone manufacturer stated that they would focus entirely to the booming smartphone market. As such, they will be dealing directly with competitors such as Apple’s other smartphone manufacturer specialized.

This step also reiterated the importance they relate closely with Sony, although some recent reports say that the Japanese electronics giant is preparing to have the Sony Ericsson entirely.

In the company’s official statement, focusing on smartphone market will be conducted in 2012. On other occasion, they also reported that the performance of the company began re-print profit, which amounted to 31 million euros. Higher than firm prediction. Of lift, 80 percent of all sales achieved by Sony Ericsson is a smartphone sales. In the last quarter, Sony Ericsson claims, their Android smartphone market share reached 12 percent globally.

However, Sony Ericsson’s long road to become a full smartphone manufacturers are very heavy. Not to mention they also have to deal with Apple, which recently made their user was line up on number of stores worldwide to get the iPhone 4S.

If Apple was successful, Sony Ericsson has a number of disadvantages. Fortunately, once they focus on the production platform Google Android-based smartphones, they began to regain profits.

On the last quarter, a joint venture between Sony and Ericsson was successfully marketed 9.5 million mobile phones (including smartphones and feature phones) and gain 33 percent increase compared to the previous quarter. Their own sales in Asia soared, especially in Japan.

Sony Ericsson also stated that they seems to be still under pressure from the company’s profits due to declining profits from the sale of mobile phone features. And although the conditions in the market is very competitive, but the decline in global markets is likely to complicate them.

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