Samsung vs Apple Patents War Extended To Japan And Australia

Samsung Electronics the South Korean vendor, stated they are working to prevent the sale of the latest model of Apple’s iPhone in Japan and Australia. This effort is the war extension between the South Korean company vs Apple.Inc.

samsung vs apple

Samsung said it has delivered the first lawsuit to Tokyo court and the state of New South Wales to ban sales of the iPhone 4S because they hijack the Samsung technology patents.

The Korean company is also trying to ban sales of the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in Japan, after Apple won a temporary ban on the sale of Galaxy 10.1 tablet Australia.

“Apple continues to violate our patent rights and freedom of movement of our technology. We can not remain silent and will vigorously protect our intellectual property,” said Samsung.

Japan lawsuit includes allegations of plagiarism technology patents, according to Samsung. Trade war between Apple and Samsung in getting the global electronics market worth 100 billion U.S. dollars that began last April in the United States when Apple accused Samsung copied the iPhone and the iPad.

Since then, Apple is trying to ban sales of Galaxy S smartphone and Galaxy Tab in Germany, Australia and several other states. In a recent development, a Dutch court on Friday last week rejected the Samsung’s request to ban the sales of Apple 3G phone and tablet computer with reason Apple plagiarized Samsung wireless technology.

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