Samsung vs Apple Market Share


Apple has overtook Samsung Electronic as the top smartphone vendor in the world in the fourth quarter of last year (2011).

According to Strategy Analytics research firm, stated that the Korean smartphone vendor was only able to sell 36.5 million unit of smartphones in Q4 2011. While Apple is reportedly said to have sold 37 million unit iPhones in the same quarter.

Each of the two vendors market share of around 23.9 percent (Apple) and 23.5 percent (Samsung). With a difference of about half a million units Apple was finally made ​​on Samsung’s entrenched and become number one smartphone vendor in the world.

Samsung recently reported revenues earned in the fourth quarter of 2011. In line with the expectations the company reported earlier this month, Samsung recorded an operating profit of 5.3 trillion Won, equivalent to 4.72 billion USD, with total sales reaching 47 trillion won (42 billion USD).

Samsung has never reported a profit in more than one quarter of 5 trillion Won. Samsung’s profit reached 5.3 trillion Won in Q4 2011 increased by about 76% compared to same quarter of 2010.

Samsung mobile business 2.6 trillion won operating profit should thanks to its mobile phone shipments which reach 35 million units in Q4 2011. While operating profit of the semiconductor business, the Korean vendor able to obtain 2.3 trillion Won.

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