Samsung Muse Mp3 Player Galaxy Family Complement Accessories


Samsung recently launched Galaxy Muse MP3 player. Additional accessories are intended to complement the Galaxy smartphone and priced at USD $50.

The handheld device will be Apple’s iPod challenger. Compared to iOS devices, Galaxy Muse does not require users to connect to a PC in order to transfer and synchronize files.

Galaxy Muse has been equipped with USB cable to connect it to the other Galaxy handheld devices and allows users to instantly send music via Android app Muse Sync.

Galaxy Muse maintaining the distinctive design of the entire Galaxy brand. It has rounded corners with Pebble Blue and White Marble color option. This tiny device can give you long enough music play which is up to 6 hours.

Samsung offer Galaxy Muse at a price similar to its competitor Apple’s iPod Shuffle. Both are equally serve as accessories, iPod for iOS devices and Muse for the Galaxy brand.

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