Samsung i9300 Could This Be Galaxy S3?


Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S III is not so new. In fact, Samsung reportedly will announce this third generation Galaxy S later in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Although there’s still no certainty about it, but it seems that what is on the official website of Samsung can be a powerful indication that the Galaxy S III will indeed be released in the near future.

A new smartphone with code name GT-i9300 is in the list of mobile phones on Samsung website. This Smartphone mysteriously appeared at the Global Download Center in the United Emirates Arab site. According to Engadget, if Samsung named the smartphone with i93xx series then possibly it will become a new model considering the Galaxy S uses i90xx, i91 is the Galaxy S II, i9250 is Nexus Galaxy, and i9220 is the  Galaxy Note.

In other words i93xx is series with the highest number which means the specifications will also be high, even higher than the Galaxy Nexus (possibly a quad core smartphone). With such assumptions, estimated that i93xx is Samsung Galaxy S III. Or, it could be a new variant of the Samsung smartphone that will be a surprise at the beginning of 2012.

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