Samsung Galaxy S5 Multi Chat Features


Recently has been circulating rumors that Samsung will release the Galaxy S5 soon. Yes, the Galaxy series is one of the most popular products by the masses so that the appearance of the Galaxy S5 rumors have started to warm among gadget lovers. Many people are predicting that the new Galaxy smartphone will be equipped with Samsung’s latest processor, the Samsung’s new 64 bit Exynos processor. Samsung apparently will hit the market by presenting new features of the latest software with sophisticated devices. It is intended to enhance the experience for its users.

What are the latest features that are offered by the Samsung Galaxy S5? There are rumors that Samsung will provide special features and special for those of you who will buy the smartphone. The smartphone is expected to have Multiparty Video Conference Call features. A feature that will allow you to make video calls with friends or more than two people video conference!

Confirmation of these features can be found in the documents that have been filed by Samsung to the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Service Information as the holder of the information service. It looks like these features will allow users to use both front and rear cameras for video conference calls with friends while the video feeds from other friends will be displayed at the bottom.

We should wait for confirmation, whether the feature will be exclusive to the Galaxy S5 or the Samsung ChatOn app will have the updates.

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