Samsung Galaxy S II VS iPhone 4S

Apple Inc. has just launched the new iPhone series, iPhone 4S. The public also responded well, which can be seen from more than one million customers in seven countries that ordered the iPhone 4S bid on the first day.

To iPhone 4S rival, Samsung and Google is also preparing the launch of Nexus Prime. But, the launch of the originally planned October 11 was postponed, as a sign of respect and sorrow for the death of the Apple founder, Steve Jobs.

But, Samsung still has the Samsung Galaxy S II, which is still considered in the same league with the iPhone 4S. In fact, the Galaxy S II was crowned as the best phone of 2011 in the T3 Awards.

Samsung Galaxy S II was the “Phone of the Year” in the event that triggered by a British technology magazine T3, after beating the iPhone 4. In addition to T3, TechRadar also called the Samsung Galaxy S II as the best phone, and beat the iPhone 4.

The question is can the Samsung Galaxy S II stand as the best and beat the iPhone 4S? Here is the comparison chart, as quoted from Apple Insider:


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