Research In Motion Not Giving Up On Flash


Research In Motion takes note of the decision to abandon the Adobe Flash player for mobile devices but says it will continue to support and develop the technology. But this may turn into a futile effort.

Adobe mobile Flash leaves, but RIM does not. Surprisingly (or perhaps not) the company decided to continue to support in a totally independent of the technology. To say this is a statement issued through the night to some U.S. sites.

RIM is the company that perhaps more than anyone is likely to be affected by the backlash that will result from discontinuing the development of a mobile version of branded media player for Adobe. On the one hand, in fact, support for Flash has been one of the main topics of marketing platform and specifically the RIM playbook so ostentatiously advertised as “a perfect tool for the Internet thanks to the support of Flash,” Flash are on the other some elements of the framework-based operating system. Difficult, therefore, if not impossible to leave immediately for RIM Flash.

This is the reason why, with a logic understandable from the point of view of the Canadian producer, RIM has been noted as clever choice is to adopt HTML5, both Flash and the decision to announce the continued development of players, including version Flash 11.1 for the BlackBerry playbook. RIM does not say, but it is likely that Adobe was already preparing a new version basically ready for release and this will be the last version. But without the support of Adobe, without the will of the big sites and big business to invest in Flash, the ability to use the player will most likely be a “plus” to play on for a little while.

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