Razer Blackshark – Military Style Gaming Headset


Razer, one of the famous gaming accessories vendor, likely to release their products with a special edition. Having previously issued gaming-themed accessories and Mass Effect 3 Star Wars: Old Republic, Razer has released a new gaming headset, BlackShark, with the theme of Battlefield 3.

Taking the theme of war game, Razer inspired make it like the military accessories. At first glance, this form of Blacksharsk does look like a fighter pilot headphone. It was not only a similar shape, but its function is the same.

BlackShark oval shape of the ear pad will wrap the ear with a comfortable and provide good noise cancellation feature. Razer also confirmed that they indeed implement the pilot headphone noise cancellation technology, which is a closed path for the air inside and outside.

However, there is a possibility in the long usage of headphones can reduce comfort, because the ears are sweating. In addition to noise cancellation feature, BlackShark will also featuring a boom microphone that can be removed from the main unit for easy removal.

Razer claims BlackShark series is perfect for games such as action-packed FPS Battlefield 3. In the ear cup stored neodymium magnet drivers sized 40mm that will serving the user with crystal clear sound plus powerful bass. If you are looking for a gaming headset and a Battlefield 3 fans, Razer BlackShark may be an option. Razer plans to release it into the international market next July with a price tag of U.S. $ 129.99.

Beside this, Razer have also released the Razer Naga special edition.

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