Qualcomm Enliven The Smart Watches War

Qualcomm officially enliven the smart watches markets. The microprocessor manufacturer announced that its product named Toq can already be ordered starting 27/11/2013.


On Wednesday (27/11/2013), Qualcomm opened bookings for Black version of Toq with prices approximately USD $350.

This Samsung Galaxy Gear competitor will be launched officially on December 2. Well, the customer will retain Toq smart watch one to three weeks ahead after booking.

Qualcomm Smart Watch

Toq is a companion accessory for Android-based smartphone running Jelly Bean OS or the latest Android OS through the Bluetooth connection. The device also comes with a Mirasol display technology, which allows the display on the screen remains visible while outdoors.

Qualcomm smart watches also supports wireless charging and wireless headphones via Bluetooth.

To note, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, and Pebble officially compete in the realm of smart watches. In fact, Apple, Google, and ZTE will announce a similar product in the next year.

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