Plantronic BackBeat Go 2 Reviews And Discount

Plantronic BackBeat Go 2 Reviews

Plantronic seems determined to become the market leader with their wireless earbud BackBeat Go 2. This second generation model has undergone a number of significant improvements over previous models. Backbeat Go 2 produces the good sound quality in accordance with the price offered, but the battery life is expected to be longer with a better bass quality.


Backbeat Go 2 is a kind of wireless stereo earphones technology designed to connect via smartphone or tablet’s bluetooth. While the original Backbeat Go is one of the first wireless earbuds products on the market and both models comes after more than one year .

Plantronic BackBeat Go 2 available in black and white, and looks very similar to the previous model. Equipped with two earbuds that are connected to each other via a thin cable with microphone and music playback controls on the cable attached. Cables are guaranteed not to tangle and designed to position located behind the user ‘s neck. The design makes Backbeat Go2 is suitable for use when doing physical activities such as jogging, fitness and other sports.

Plantronic BackBeat Go 2 earbuds relatively comfortable attached to the ears though its earbuds are larger than most other earbudss. In-ear stabilizer attached to ears does its function well to hold the Backbeat Go 2 although sometimes lacking the stability, especially when doing sports with extra movements. Inside the packaging are also available silicone tips in small, medium and large to fit the user’s ear.

Important changes that occur in the Backbeat Go 2 design lies on the in-line playback controls. The volume up and down buttons and the play / pause / answer / end are a lot better and using a hard plastic material, is no longer soft like its predecessor, so it’ll be easily suppressed.

Plantronic BackBeat Go 2 Bluetooth equipped multi-point, so that it can remember up to eight devices at once. While it has slightly larger LED in the top right earbud to make it easier see the status of the Bluetooth connection.

In addition, BlackBeat Go 2 is clearly a refinement of previous models, because its are capable of producing clear, soft and loud sound . Not even sound distorted at high volumes, despite the best quality achieved when maintaining the volume at 80 percent.

Plantronic BackBeat Go 2 battery last for 4.5 hours when used. When tested, the device can live up to about four hours before needing to be charged again. The hibernate Deep Sleep feature is included, it is useful to maintain battery power for up to six months after charged.

Plantronic Backbeat Go 2 is an interesting earbuds that can produce reasonably good sound quality with a reasonable price, as well as a refinement of the previous model. If you’re type of users who do doesn’t want to be bothered with earphone cable and not too worrying about battery life, Backbeat Go 2 is the right choice for you.

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