Nokia Flexible Screen Prototype

The visitors who attended the exhibition which was held by Nokia World was shocked by Nokia flexible smartphone prototype products on display at one of the showroom at the exhibition. Surprises in the form of a product that looks like a smartphone, but the uniqueness of this product is the display screen with a flexible OLED. Of course, Apple and Samsung will have to work hard if this prototype eventually becomes a product.


The prototype of the device has an OLED display that can be bent and rotated to access the menus, programs, and applications. If you imagine might be a bit like rubber which turned out to be a smartphone. This kind of screen may have been issued by the company like Sony as well as by other manufacturing industries.

You can scroll to photos and music just by rotating the tool in the opposite direction with your hands. For zooming or enlarging the image, you simply bend the tool forward or backward to zoom out the image. The pause button and the play can also be activated by bending this advanced tool. You can also see the image that there is enough to do the tap on the corners of the screen.


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