Nokia Expected To Report Losses In Third Quarter And Investors Waiting For Buzz


Finnish mobile phone giant, Nokia, is expected to report losses in the third quarter of this year. Nokia seeks to prepare the launch of the first phone with Windows operating system next week in London, England.

Investors continue to observe the Nokia buzz to survive in the competitive smartphone market. Nokia has been left far behind Apple and Google in the mobile market booming lately. Microsoft has agreed a deal in February to launch its latest model after trying to get out of the rapid decline in sales of smartphones using the Symbian platform.

Nokia estimates that 15.9 million smartphones sold in the third quarter. It fell as much as 40 percent from a year ago even though the price was cut in July.
Nokia hopes to get people’s attention after using Microsoft software on the latest mobile phone. Although Apple’s iPhone sales fell in the September quarter of 17.1 million, Nokia sales are expected to record sales of Apple.

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