Nintendo Wii-U Still Under Development


Nintendo News – For a console which will be released in next few months, Nintendo Wii U kind of worrying. So far there has been no clear information about specifications, features, or any exclusive games that will accompany this gaming gadget.

Time will always ticking faster and faster, but Nintendo did not seem too bothered. Based on the information the developers who working on the prototype of this console, Nintendo has not even rumored to have a definite format for Nintendo Wii-U. What is really happening here?

These information gathered from Team Ninja which is now developing Ninja Gaiden 3 game for Nintendo Wii-U. Yosuke Hayashi said that until now Nintendo themselves have not confirmed the specifications that will be presented on the Nintendo Wii-U. Nintendo continues to receive input from the developers and then developing Wii-U in the direction required.

Nintendo continues to change the design of this brand-new console in accordance with requests from developers and endeavor to facilitate all the demands that exist. Hayashi also stated that the process of developing games on the Wii-U can be said easier, as simple as creating games for the Playstation 3 or XBOX 360.

This kind of dynamic changes indeed have its own advantages and disadvantages. By continuing to ask input from the developer, the Wii-U will perform as a gaming console which possibly will satisfy all the needs of the developers to the fullest. While the downside, if in a matter of months there’s no definite format that can be obtained, regardless of the time required to release it in bulk, there is the possibility the Nintendo Wii-U release will be delayed.

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