New Amazon Kindle Price And Discount

 kindle-fire-hd Inc. has announced four new models of Kindle Fire at an event held in Santa Monica, California, USA. Including one equipped with a large screen which will be  competitor of the Apple Ipad to anticipate the holiday shopping season. Amazon released the Kindle Fire with a larger screen in order to win the competition in the tablet PC market to compete against Apple.

Kindle Fire screen was the largest for the model with a 8.6-inch diagonal size, compared to the iPad which has a 9.7-inch screen. The first-generation 7-inch Kindle Fire. While Apple plans to release a mini iPad will most likely use a 7.85-inch screen with a diagonal.

Amazon ambitions to dominate the tablet PC market which is currently dominated by the Apple iPad. Amazon to sell tablet with a more economical price and if profit margins increase in sales of digital items are sold in its online stores, certainly can compete in terms of price.

Basic version of the Kindle Fire with 7 inch screen priced at U.S. $159 drops from the previous generation priced at U.S. $ 199. Compare this with the price of the cheapest iPad costs USD $399, and more recent models priced at USD $499. Amazon issued a hi-end version of the Kindle Fire with Kindle Fire HD model name that has been equipped with two-channel Wi-Fi for faster data transfer. It’s certainly more crucial for high-definition movies and large files.

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