Motorola Xoom Will Get Updates On Ice Cream Sandwich


Motorola Xoom reportedly will receive the latest updates from Google’s Android OS, the Android 4.0 or formerly known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich. This news did not seem too surprising the public, especially after the introduction of the cooperation between Motorola with Google.

But until now there is still no official word from the Motorola. Even so, rumors about this story continues to unfold. Especially after a moderator on the Motorola support forum named Matt confirmed it.

He said that He doesn’t know if this will be the first or not, whether there are other companies that will perform the update, but it most certainly xoom will get ICS updates.

However, he continued, he admits that they do not know the exact date when the update will be done. So for you the owners of the Motorola Xoom all you can do is just wait for a while.

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