LG Optimus Vu Reviews And Specification

After in few occasions Optimus LG Vu teaser appearance , including last week and with photos. LG apparently was to challenge Samsung Galaxy note with this product. The trend thus appears from the similarity between the LG Vu versus the Samsung Galaxy Optimus note of functionalities aspects. At least, both the LG Vu and Samsung Galaxy Optmus Note both equipped with a rich note applications. This Android-based Phablet (mixed between smartphone and tablet) has a 5 inch screen size with unusual aspect ratios, 4:3 (aspect ratio generally adopted is 16:9).


Most of the technology blogs reported separately that the LG Optimus Vu not only superior because of the wide size of the screen, but this phablet is able to cooperate with another Android handsets on the market at present time. Moreover, surely the presence of 4:3 aspect ratio on the display screen will be the main advantages of Optimus Vu which seems to be a tough competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note that has a 5.3 inch screen size with the normal aspect ratio of 16:9.

For specifications of Optimus Vu, LG smartphone to say that this phablets will use Qualcomm’s WPG8060 dual-core 1.5 GHz, 32GB of internal storage, 1GB Ram and supported with 8 megapixel camera (with auto focus and flash led) plus a camera on the front, NFC,LTE, HDMI, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct and T-DMB, a 2,080 mAh battery and microUSB port.

The operating system used is most likely the Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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