Is It Possible For Nokia To Take Back Its Crown?


Nokia had huge profit with the launch of Nokia Lumia series. Since the launch in November 2011 last year this “windows mango” smartphone  has been sold around 1.3 million units. This is not an exact number but only estimates from analysts.

With that sales figure, this mean Symbian OS transition into Windows Phone OS was a brilliant move by the company. This is also prove that Nokia smartphones able to compete with Google and Apple. Unfortunately this progress is done by eliminating its previous products which is Symbian and Meego. And from the news, reportedly Symbian smartphones sales 36% lowering since the launch of Nokia Lumia series.

It’s still too early to conclude that this is a signs of Nokia;s revival into smartphone market. But with this few positive signals it’s possible that Nokia will take back the crown as the biggest phone manufacturer in the world beating Samsung and the rest of the field. But one thing, it will not be easy considering Samsung and HTC also have their Windows Mango product lines such as Samsung Focus S 4G and HTC Titan which is sold very well on the market.

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