iPod Classic Retired And User Comment About It

Dedicated mp3 player one is of the shining star in Apple’s line of products few years back the iPod classic, and it will be retired. The rumor said it will be September 10 this year with the announcement of their new smartphone the iPhone 5S.


“I don’t see Apple investing any more into the iPod classic, even just to upgrade the connector,” Forrester analyst Charles Golvin told Wired. Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer of Gazelle.com, shares a similar sentiment.

“It’s been a couple of years since the iPod classic has been updated. We can assume it will be phased out, unless we see it updated on September 10th,” Scarsella said.

Here it is some of the comments we’ve got on the iPod Classic retirement:

The Classic takes a beating much better than any phone, and people can take it anywhere. If they go to the gym, where phone use is banned to protect members’ privacy, people can use iPod Classic without incident.

If someone wants to go hiking, they can listen to music for hours and hours without worrying about the phone being out of juice in an emergency. If they go on a plane, they don’t need to set the iPod to “airplane mode” before boarding just to listen to music.

If people get on the subway, or walk down the street late at night, they can take it out in public without worrying about drawing attention to it –even if it is stolen, all they’ll ever lose is the device itself, as opposed to the disaster of losing one’s phone.

It is still rumor on the iPod Classic but we’ll see how it goes in few days.

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