iPhone 5 Rumors Again, What Will It Look Like?

photo illustration: macrumors.com

iPhone 5 arrival keep bubbling into surface dan make Apple lovers curious. In 5 or maybe 4 months Apple’s new smartphone will be released (that’s the rumour).

We’ve got that rumors from 9to5mac, they claim received some insider info from Foxconn that said iPhone 5 will be released in june 2012 (few more months from now). You can believe this story if really the foxconn telling the truth or at least 9to5mac got the info from Foxconn because we all know that Foxconn is factory in China which their job is to assembling iPhone’s parts into a complete iPhone so that its usable.

Previous rumors spreading that we will see an iPhone 5 on September 2011 but in fact we haven’t seen it yet. You know what’s happening instead of iPhone 5, iPhone 4S was released with an improvements including virtual assistent SIRI.

According to rumors that the Foxconn were ready to produce iPhone 5, last month the iPhone 5 were redesigned and specification that you’ve read on the net all this time possibly changed. And rumors said that the changes will not only on specification but also the case will be built from rubber or plastic, and the display type IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) with 4 inches size.

For now, it’s better to believe something when you’ve seen it on display at Apple’s store.

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