In The Future Samsung And Apple Gadget Will Be Water Resistant?

Waterproof technology for smartphone devices aiming for big vendors to work together. Rumored, Apple and Samsung are some companies that want to towed by HzO, the technology manufacturer.


HzO gadget waterproofing works by protecting gadgets from a torrent of water. By wrapping the component circuits with nano material which is very thin, the phone will still be alive even though they dipped in the water.

To prove the ability, at the CES 2012 a while ago HzO stole consumers attention and intentionally dip a number of devices into the water, including the iPhone. And when it’s in the marinade, this iPhone was still able to play music.

The company is hoping they can afford HzO cooperated with giant vendors. Their spokesman said that HzO is in the process now signing a partnership with smartphone vendor and headphones.

Nanotechnologies are certainly the future, and probably this application will make happy owners of million high-tech mobile phones which are hopelessly ruined by water. Apple and Samsung has been said to in talks with the company about this technology to be injected in some of their future device.

We talk about a technology that uses a unique method to operate, given that the device is not sealed, the water remains absolutely free to enter. Quite unlike other similar solutions, with this technology the components are protected from the water, leaving the device removal and always ready to withstand unexpected accidents

The two leaders as regards the market for smartphones, Apple and Samsung, would be interested in the invention developed by HzO society, able to make “waterproof” any electronic device.

The representatives of the two major smartphone companies have witnessed a test ‘ in a glass of water that let you literally open-mouthed. The Apple Rep said that they expect to use this technology in the next iPhone 5.

Here’s a video that demonstrates the potential of HZO.

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