How To Backup Camera Or Cell Phone Data Directly To DVD

If you ever thinking to backup data on your gadgets such as camera or cellphone into DVD disc, but you still unsure how to do it or is it possible or not?

Here’s what you need, Plextor Plexeasy is a DVD burner that you can use easily without PC, inside this DVD burner already planted card reader and usb connection facility.


It means that you can back up data on your memory card (support SD card) directly to a DVD disc without having to connect to the computer.

This USB connection is able to connect to the phone, tablet or digital cameras and even an external hard drive, then PlexEasy can backup directly to a DVD and of course, without requiring you to plug PlexEasy into the computer.


There is a “but” on this device. Unfortunately PlexEasy can not be called a 100% portable because to run, it needs a power source which is obtained directly from an AC/DC adapter while the burning speed up to 8x for CD or DVD.

Plextor PlexEasy will be launched first quarter of this year but we have no pricing information (yet) or you can check the availability here.


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