Here It Is The Current Gadgets With Low Energy Bluetooth Smart

Unlike the previous iPhone models and other smartphones, the iPhone 4S has a low energy Bluetooth requirements chip (Bluetooth Smart) and the new model that can be connected only by using very little electrical power. Bluetooth chip in the iPhone 4S does not require electric power as large as  the previous version of Bluetooth which is allowing it to be connected with other devices that use standard batteries like on on the watch that can hold up for years.


Associated with the new version of Bluetooth smart,  Casio the famous Japanese watch vendor say they will introduce a Smart Bluetooth wristwatch later in late December. Casio’s latest gadget will be connected to a smartphone and will provide notification when any email or SMS messages to smartphones by beeping or vibrating.

Five years ago Sony Ericsson has also introduced a regular Bluetooth on their watch but it was too heavy (nearly a quarter kilogram), and the size is too big. Besides the existing rechargeable battery can only last up to three weeks for a one-time full-charging.


Other than iPhone 4S, a smartphone has this kind of Bluetooth Smart ready is Motorola DROID RAZR which was released last week. DROID RAZR is the latest project Android smartphone from Motorola that combines Android OS and the thinness of the RAZR mobile phone designs that were once very popular a few years ago.

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