Galaxy S II Firmware Update For Bigger Icons

There is good news given by Samsung for you. Samsung has announced the update to be provided for the Galaxy S II. Is an important update because it will change the display icons in Galaxy S II to be bigger 30% than before.


Current Galaxy S II Ui showing 4 icons on the bottom but if you installed the new update, your Galaxy S II will show only 3 icons at the bottom.  Additionally the menu grid will change and reduced to be shaped into 3×3 grid. No reasons given by Samsung about this Galaxy S II interface provided through this update.

Keep in mind that the trials in several countries related to patents fight between Apple and Samsung still continue until today. The trial was related to patent lawsuit regarding the iPhone and Apple iPad allegedly used in the Galaxy Series is also behind Samsung’s lawsuit against Apple about the infringement of patents.

If you update the icon for the Galaxy II  then your phone UI will look increasingly like the iPhone UI and predicted the feud between Apple and Samsung are increasing sharply. Other changes that the update was provided through the System Update widget. Such system would inform Galaxy S II users on the latest version of the software.

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