FourSquare Radar For IOS 5

The latest version Foursquare for IOS 5 operating system can be updated now. This application is version 4.0, known as the Foursquare Radar.


This new application allows users to take advantage of the monitoring areas found in IOS 5 and then send notifications to users about the places nearby, but user also still entered into the list of locations. It’s like a reminder to check in at the user’s local area. It is quoted from Pocket Link.

For example, if users want to monitor the presence of several friends who numbered more than three people, Foursquare Radar will provide notice to the Apple device (iPhone and iPad) owned by the user, the presence of a friend who is being sought.

But before the user needs to choose friends who will be included in the list of Radar, in order to use the additional functions of this latest version.

Until now this new Foursquare Radar only available in the IOS platform. But it will soon be developed for other mobile operating systems, like Android and BlackBerry. To get the latest version of Foursquare, users previously had to update their Apple device operating system to IOS 5.

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