Facebook To Buy Rim And Nokia, What Else?


Facebook is rumored to potentially buy the BlackBerry manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM). Because, the largest social networking site in the world will surely need a ‘tool’ to enter the hardware business. The opinion was expressed by Paul Amsellem, a mobile industry analyst of Mobile Network Group. According to him, Facebook is under pressure to satisfy the user, and its investors to produce its own smartphone might be a good solution.

According to Paul, Facebook need long term project and he also believes that Facebook will acquire RIM the Blackberry vendor which is currently have a market cap of USD 5.2 billion. Moreover, the Canadian vendor is in trouble where its market share continues to decline.

Blackberry has been great on chat service and already have its own market with the Blackberry Messenger, this might be worth considered by Facebook.

Facebook rumored will make its own smartphone production. In addition to RIM, the largest social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg is in possibility of buying the Nokia. Opinion of purchasing Nokia by Facebook is also exhaled by Amsellem.

Besides those two names, Facebook is also reportedly wants to buy Opera Software. This is a company based in Oslo, Norway, and the presence behind the Opera browser and Opera Mini.

Many doubted whether Facebook is considering the acquisition of RIM or Nokia. But they are reportedly very serious foray into the hardware business to boost its earnings.

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