Cool E-Reader Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Multinational e-commerce company from the city of Seattle, Washington,, Inc.. Claim newest Kindle Paperwhite as the best e-ink screen on the market.

Amazon has released a video that explains the technology used in Paperwhite, is said to take up to 8 years in manufacturing the technologies. Paperwhite biggest advantages of technology is the direction of light on the screen pointing down towards the screen instead of the direction into reader’s eyes, so it will not make the eyes dazzle.

At the bottom of the screen Kindle Paperwhite using optical fiber sheets, the engineers who worked on the project for Kindle is able to direct the light to the bottom of the screen, so pleasing to the eye.

Typography Optimization and great battery performance makes Kindle Paperwhite likely  sells in the market.

Here are few of the reviews:

Review #1 – The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite double-underscores all of the reasons why the Kindle is a great book reader — and all of the reasons why so many people prefer a Kindle to an iPad or even a small tablet such as the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon’s own Kindle Fire HD.

Review #2 – Not only does Paperwhite let you read in a dark bedroom, say, without having to switch on a lamp and disturb your sleeping partner, but you can also make out the screen in broad daylight.

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