Cheap Under $100 Android Tablet For Kids

These days a tablet for kids is a must, many kids today are like a pro playing games on their mom’s iPhone or daddy’s galaxy tab. So either way you should buy them android tablet for kids.

It doesn’t have to be the expensive tablet, the cheaper one is OK as long as you buy it from trusted seller online because many offline store usually charge higher for the same item. Better but Android tablet for kids online because it’s cheaper.

Android tablet for kids vs Regular Android tab

We found few android tablet which designed to be used by kids but regular tablet is OK because parents can do some settings for the tab so it will be safe for children. Usually the differences between tablet for kids vs regular tab are the preloaded apps and parental control.

With preloaded apps the tablet already installed with many games, just switch on and the kids can play the right away. While for the parental control on the regular android aren’t preloaded but don’t worry there are many parental control apps like this one or this.

Tablet Express

Dragon Touch® 7” Black Google Android 4.0 Allwinner A13 Multimedia Tablet MID PC, 4GB, Google Play Pre-Installed, USB-OTG, Supports Skype Video Chat Calling, Netflix Movies and Flash Player, MID744B-A13 [by TabletExpress]

android tablet for kids

This tablet is actually regular android tablet, it has Google play it it, 7 inch screen with Android ICS operating system, USB-OTG (can read USB flash drive, keyboard, etc), only support Wi-Fi with no 3G capabilities.

This tablet cost around $59.99 when this post was published. Looking at the price this is a budget Android tablet for kids just install parental control and some games your kids will love it.

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