Cheap Motorola Xoom Family Edition


Motorola Mobility Inc.. Will sell Xoom tablet, but this tablet is devoted to family and priced relatively cheap. Motorola’s marketing strategy is conducted in order to gain market share, which was controlled by the Apple iPad. The tablet is a cheap version of Xoom tablet.

Family edition of Xoom has a 10.1-inch diagonal touch screen, dual-core processor, front and rear cameras, and supported by Android Honeycomb OS. The gadget has a memory capacity of 16 gigabytes, while the original version of Xoom has 34 gigabyte memory.

Gadgets that will be priced price between USD 120-379, or relatively more cheaper than the original Xoom. But the gadget family edition will be sold in limited time and will only be sold at Best Buy stores in the United States.

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