Casio G-Shock Super Tough And Waterproof Smartphone


Casio, introducing G-Shock family line smartphone at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Smartphone produced by this vendor has various important elements with rugged design and super tough waterproof.

Casio long known as watch and calculator manufacturer, and this is only partly a product that we often encounter. Most of their products has high quality and well as long-lived. It is now understood if this manufacturer are to take part in some future smartphone products.


G-Shock phone has distinctive design watches with buttons at each corner on the sides. The screen is surrounded by a thick frame and able avoid the damage even if dropped. G-Shock phone using physical buttons to replace the capacitive button in Android. This phone is also designed to be resistant to all weather conditions so that it becomes the best option for you as companion for your wild adventure.


This recent G-Shock series will be company’s effort to bring latest quality smartphone after previously announcing G’zOne Commando, where the phone is claimed to stand from a variety of conditions and is suitable for military purposes.

G-Shock brand previously known as the product of watches, which are designed to be dustproof, waterproof and impact resistant.

So far the specification info and features on this watches:

– OS Android
– Waterproof up to 1.0 bar = 10m!
– Up to 1.0 bar / 1 ton pressure resistant
– Metal Caseback
– Plastic / resin construction
– Camera with flash

We didn’t see this product on store yet but you can check the Casio G’zone price.

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