Buy Cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit

So, where to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless S Charger Kit (inductive type) – Wireless Charging Black Cover & Pad?


How Galaxy S4 wireless charger works?

In Galaxy S4 Wireless charging kit, you get two things one is Wireless charging pad plus Wireless charging cover. Firstly, you have to remove the original S4 back cover, attach the new Wireless charging cover (of course it will make your phone thicker to original S4), then place the phone on Wireless charging pad. Then because of induction current, Galaxy S4 starts getting charging. But the charging time on Galaxy S4 wireless charger is 3 times more than that of Wall mounted USB charger. So, you may judge and decide if it is okay with you.The Galaxy S4 wireless charger pad matches the body of original Galaxy S4, because from outside both have similar touch plus same material. But on the charging table you will find layer of a rubber that creates friction between S4 body and charging pad. But it can prevent S4 from sliding only for small angles of inclination. Angle more than 45 is not recommended.

Also, you will see a dotted circle representing the perfect area of placement Galaxy S4 on the wireless charging pad.If we talk about the connectivity of Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger, then you will find only a microUSB port that is used for connecting or powering it from original wall mounted charger. You will not find any button on the wireless charger itself. You just need to plug and the indicator present on the charging pad will guide you that how you are doing, if you have placed the S4 on the right place or not.

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