Attention – Vulnerable Siri Features On iPhone 4S And How To Fix It


The default setting on the Siri voice command feature (iPhone 4S) was carrying ‘risk’ on its users. Vulnerabilities that are found in the iPhone’s Siri 4S known allow others to send emails and SMS although these tools have in-lock by the owner.

Not only can make strangers ordering Siri for sending emails and SMS, the security hole is also able to tell them the address and contact information stored in the iPhone 4S, and also calendar in it.
Reportedly, all of that activity can be done with a single touch of a button, without having to know passcode.

Graham Cluley from Sophos Security said that Apple could have put Siri on safely option but instead they just set the default Siri on vulnerable mode.  Well, there are a number of safety measures are recommended if the 4S iPhone users does not want to be a victim of illegal access.

It is recommended, users go to the “Settings / General / Passcode Lock” then make sure the option “Siri” is in “Off”.

If this step is already done, Siri can not be used when the phone is locked using a passcode. This also can be used to avoid the hands of ignorant, who took over the phone via voice commands and perform unwanted things on your data.

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