Apple Released Update Fix For iPhone But Still Problems On Battery Life


Apple released a software update to fix a problem that is shortening the battery life of some iPhones, iPads and iPods.
Apple has said that a small number of customers have reported battery with a shorter life than expected on devices running IOS 5 operating system of the company.

This is the software that comes with the iPhone 4S and was available as a free upgrade for some older devices: two versions of the iPhone, iPhone 3G and 4, and the two most recent models of iPod Touch.

Apple on Thursday released version 5.0.1 to correct the errors found in software. Users can upgrade when connecting to iTunes. Other changes in the update include improved voice recognition for the Australians when they use the given function.

Some users who upgraded the software said they still had problems with battery life. Apple said that although the update solves many problems, “we are investigating some outstanding issues.”

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