Android Iris To Rival The iOS 5 Siri

Iris for android

Although the iPhone 5 launching failed to come out on 4 October and was replaced with the iPhone 4S, Apple fans still infatuated with Apple’s latest smartphone. iPhone 4S sales are very high in a short time is expected because of the Siri in it; a voice recognition system.

Actually, Android also has a similar application to Siri. Created by the developers of, the application is referred to as Iris. Just ask what you want to ask Iris, then this application will answer it. Starting from the question, simple to complex, Iris can answer it.

Developer Narayan Babu said he and his team have provided Voice input, text-to-speech and a touch of humor on Iris so that it will be more fun to use the help of this application. The name Iris is used deliberately to rival the iPhone 4S Siri. For now this application is still in the process of trial and only for entertainment purposes only.

Iris will be launched later on in the Android Market so that all Android enthusiasts can try. But if you’re curious, can download a beta version of Iris but remember, this beta version still has many shortcomings so do not complain if you still encountered the problem when you give commands or ask Iris.

Download the Iris Beta Version here

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