Android Apps Will Run On Playbook 2.0


Research In Motion (RIM) said that the latest Playbook OS, Playbook 2.0, Will be able to run Android applications in it. In the latest Playbook OS, the users were promised to be able to run Android applications on the tablet Playbook. Even so the RIM has not announced how and what kind of Android applications is presented.

Christopher Smith as Senior Director of Development BlackBerry Platform still seems reluctant to divulge when the release of the application. One thing that confirmed by RIM is that the future Android applications will work in Playbook 2.0 OS. Other details would be announced when Android Player is launched.

Android Player application will be automatically presented in the Blackberry App World, as Playbook will automatically detects which applications can run in it or not. The Blackberry vendor (RIM) explains that there are two reasons why the sales of tablet Playbook considered ‘failed’.

The number reasons is the lack of native email client and the lack of applications available  said Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development at Research In Motion, at Devcon event in San Francisco.

RIM has stated that these problems will be solved with the presence Playbook OS 2.0 and will be presented in the next few months.

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