Android And HTC Mastering UK Smartphone Market

The fourth quarter of 2011 has started to be filled with a variety of market research results and predictions of market analysts, not to mention the smartphone market. Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, a leading independent research institute released their latest research results to determine the best barometer of the smartphone OS that consumers demand.


Kantar Worldpanel smartphone market choose the UK as a research object. The study was conducted for 12 weeks and ended on October, 2011. From the study noted by Kantar Worldpanel IOS Apple’s smartphone mastering market UK at 18.5%. IOS’s market share is far below the Android OS which reaches half of all UK smartphone market with 49.9%.

In the third quarter of 2010, 32.9% IOS are still mastering UK while the Android smartphone market is below the 28.8%. In addition Kantar also noted a very rapid movement of Android happens in America with a market share reached 66.4% while only 21.5% of IOS.

In addition to the intense competition between IOS and Android in the UK, there are other things that are also interesting from the Kantar research. In the UK mobile phone sales that occurred in the last 12 weeks is a smartphone sales (69.1). Meanwhile kantar also recorded 43.8% of the population of UK are smartphone users.

Another fact of Kantar’s research results mention the HTC-made smartphone is superior over the Samsung. HTC Android smartphones control 44.8% of UK market while Samsung Android smartphone thereunder by 37.9%.

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